FARMERS GARDEN, Cubao, Quezon City

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THE GARDEN SHOP is located right across the front of the main building where the fruit stands are bordering the main food market.  In front of the produce market   are stalls selling cut flowers .

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However, at the back of the building are the greenhouses where vendors keep their live plants.  There is parking on the side of this sales area.

2015-06-02 08.52.00

2015-06-02 09.00.20

Sunflowers and marigolds..  ( Photo by:  Betty Samson)

Walk around to find what you like, because these shops are all different, and have on display, live plants, everything from the common rose, to hydrangeas from Baguio, to the more exotic collection of orchids from greenhouses in Laguna, and sunflowers, marigolds from Cavite.

2015-06-02 09.06.58

EVE:Common Tropical Rose Variety is suitable for the weather in the lowlands. These roses will grow in full sun, in pots with compost and manure as fertilisers. ( Photo by: Betty Samson)

2015-06-02 08.57.21

EVE: Hydrangeas  are now in full bloom! These plants  thrive in  temperatures between 56-65 degrees Fahrenheit. ( Photo by Betty Samson)

my favourite climber,

Eve: my favourite climbing vine has an exotic scent in the evening when it blooms –“RANGOON CREEPER”                       ( Photo by Betty Samson)

2015-06-02 08.58.20

Medinilla Magnifica ( Photo by Betty Samson)

EVE: Medinilla Magnifica is a very rare, exotic rainforest plant exhibiting a pink inverted flower.  This beautiful ornamental plant grows like a tree fern on high trees in forests in the Philippines.  When buying this plant, make sure the leaves are waxy green, thick and glossy.  The plant is an irregular bloomer and flower clusters may pop up at any time of the year or it may skip a year.  The plant likes shade and  never leave it in full sunlight or it will wilt.                                       ( Photo by Betty Samson)

Passion fruit flower

Passion fruit vine and flower ( Photo by: Betty Samson)

There are two kinds of “passion fruit vines”, one is deep purple radiating into a variegated , light blush of lavender and violet. The other one has more pinkish tones , and bears fruit.

2015-06-02 09.04.24

These orchids are  called “Mariposa”  or “Butterfly Orchid.  These are one of the most beautiful , live flowers to put in the house. However, this variety can suddenly drop all their blooms,  and go into a hybernation. Do not be dismayed by the  sudden dropping of Phalaenopsis blooms as spring turns to summer.( Photo by Betty Samson)

Phalaenopsis are easy to grow, and the best time to buy them is during the “brr” months of September to December.  These orchids will remain in bloom for a large percentage of the year it is best to  repot them right after they finish blooming. Phalaenopsis, especially the younger growths peeking out from under the mother plants , thrive on repotting. Use dried ferns, or “bunot ng boa” or the husk of the coconut as potting mix for summer months, and a mix of charcoal and wood chips for rainy months.

Strap Vandas

Strap Vandas ( Photo by: Betty Samson)

There are many flowering plants  that may be  in season and blooming profusely when it is being sold,  but once these plants are taken home, they  may be difficult  to maintain. I saw some orchids that I have been able to turn “wild” again, by slowly withdrawing their greenhouse chemicals. The best tip is to buy mature plants that are in full bloom , and  pay attention to their leaves. The leaves should be plump and waxy green, not soft and definitely do not buy any orchid with diseased leaves with spots and old.  Orchids are very sensitive to light and water.  Ask the vendor advise as to where you should locate your new plant in your house or garden.  A lot of times , women especially buy orchids when they are in full bloom, then when you take them home, and  the orchids  that were looking so lush in the store, starts to droop after about a week.  The orchid was  quite pampered and regularly , sprayed with bloom inducing chemicals and cool water , then blooms start to fall, and it will just look like it is in hibernation.

2015-06-02 08.55.26

Cymbidiums-Orchids ( photo by Betty Samson)

There are garden ornaments for sale too,  like this fibreglass lion dog.

2015-06-02 09.08.23

Chinese Foo Dog and beside it, a pot of “petite-mini” pink rosettes.( Photo by Betty Samson)

2015-06-02 09.05.36

Collectors of cactus can find all varieties here. Imported from Mexico and the desert regions of California, these prickly pear shaped cactus even have tiny pink rose-like blooms. ( Photo by: Betty Samson)

2015-06-02 09.01.47

2015-06-02 09.03.40

Culinary Herbs — Mint, Basil, Rosemary, Tarragon

2015-06-02 08.58.43

Zinnias, Asters, and Mums

Housewives who  come to Farmers Market  buy food on weekends cannot avoid seeing the flower stalls at the market’s garden store . Facing the market, there are  rows of flower bouquets wrapped in plastic, and   ready to go!

2015-06-02 09.16.04Buyers can select the flowers they want  arranged by florists on stand -by.

2015-06-02 09.17.36
There are accessories too for sale   at some  of the stalls in the Farmers Garden Store  who will  put these accessories with the selected  blooms, and arrange all these   in pots, or baskets.

Florist arranging a nice pot of flowers in season

Florist arranging a nice pot of flowers in season

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105 thoughts on “FARMERS GARDEN, Cubao, Quezon City

  1. I happen to pass by this area last weekend as I was going home and all I can say is wow 😀 Cubao needs this much color.

    • philippineobservers

      thank you for stopping by our blog!

    • philippineobservers

      Cubao has been developing into a big city full of hi rises and a lot of malls. Nice to go there, and check out shopping areas if Cubao is near where you are living. If you are coming out of town, there is a big bus terminal, and a MRT station located near Gateway Mall.

  2. Bry

    Hi, do you know if they sell garden soil and vegetable seeds? Thank you.

    • philippineobservers

      Hi , I am not sure if they sell seeds, but garden soil you can buy at Bulacan Gardens.

    • philippineobservers

      I do believe they sell some organic fertilizers, but you can also try Bulacan Gardens at White Plains, on Katipunan Road, behind Camp Crame.

    • philippineobservers

      a few vendors sell potting soil, and vegetable seeds

      • Lhitz

        hi do u have any contact number of Bulacan Gardens? i will order ceramics pots. thank you

      • philippineobservers

        No, we don’t have contact numbers because we are not in the business of getting vendor information. You can try googling their website to contact them.

  3. hi. do they have sunflowers po? open pa din po ba sila until today? do you have any contact number po of selling sunflowers? thanks po!

    • philippineobservers

      Yes, I saw some potted sunflowers blooming. Try going to Farmers Garden, and have a look!

    • philippineobservers

      You would really have to go there and look for sunflowers during summer months

  4. Jess

    hi there! how much are the herbs? do they also sell fruit bearing trees?

    • philippineobservers

      I saw some fruit bearing trees at the Farmers Garden. Go and have a look!

    • philippineobservers

      Yes there is a wide variety of fruit trees for sale, most are marcots,and a few are grown from seed.

  5. CHRIS

    Hi what time do you open po?

    • philippineobservers

      We are bloggers not the store, but Farmers Garden opens at 9 and closes around 5 pm daily.

  6. Cyrus Ryan Loreto

    Hello.. do they have an ashitaba plant available there??

    • philippineobservers

      There were some, but try Quezon Circle. I saw some of those ashitaba plants there

  7. Aleeeeex

    Hello there. Do you know if they happen to sell flower seeds also? 🙂

    • philippineobservers

      I saw some vendors selling seeds, but depends on what you want to buy. Ace Hardware/ True Value and you can try supermarkets like Rustans, or Robinsons Grocery, that has a large selection of local and imported seeds for sale near the produce area

  8. Hi! Do you happen what time the shops open? I’ve been meaning to buy cactus/succulent as Christmas gifts and I want to go there as early as possible to avoid traffic. Thank you!

    • philippineobservers

      there are some vendors selling cactus and succulents.

  9. Hi! Do you happen to know what time the shops open? I’ve been meaning to buy cactus/succulent as christmas gifts, but I want to go there as early as possible to avoid traffic. Thank you!

  10. hi do you have a mint leaves how much po?

    • philippineobservers

      We are both writers and photograph whatever we are experiencing. We are not endorsing any vendor, product or services. Farmers Garden has some stalls that retail plants and flowers, but we did see some herbs. You would really have to go around and check what is being sold during the time you
      intend to visit.

  11. Yhar

    hi, until what time bukas ung mga flower stalls? thanks

    • philippineobservers

      the shops there at the garden store opens around 9am to close at around 5pm, daily

    • philippineobservers

      The stores close at around 5pm

  12. Guest

    Do they deliver flowers as well?

    • philippineobservers

      Each vendor has their own policies. You would have to go there and negotiate depending on whatever flowers you need to buy and deliver to whoever or
      wherever you need to send them.

  13. This place has lost its magic for me. I visited a lot two years ago, and they had a lot to offer for succulents and flowering plants (that you could grow at home). I ended up buying plants that I’m still growing today, from vendors who became my “suki”. When I came back just two weeks ago, everything was so expensive. They didn’t have the same variety as before, so I found the selections lackluster. Moreover, a lot of stalls were empty or almost-empty.

    If you’re in search for cut flowers, Farmer’s is still good. Temper your expectations with the greenhouse area.

    • philippineobservers

      Try going to Quezon circle. There are more varieties of plants and quite a big group of vendors there.

  14. Alex Neri

    hi. would you know if they sell stones or pebbles for small garden landscaping? thanks

    • philippineobservers

      Yes some vendors sell pebbles etc. Try to go and check out the White Plains garden stores, and Quezon Circle.

  15. Jaja

    Is it open until now? Thanks!

  16. rojane beltran

    Do you know wer can i buy succulent who is direct seller from benguet? Thank u

    • philippineobservers

      Have no clue but you can go to Farmers and find if there is one.

  17. what time po nagbubukas yung mga flower shops?

  18. Janree

    Do you know the price of the Boquet half dozen red roses?

    • philippineobservers

      The costs vary depending on the season and if the flowers are local or imported

    • philippineobservers

      Have not asked for prices recently. Try going there and you may find those prices at stalls of vendors for the items you wish to buy.

  19. hi,gud am!i just want to ask how much per pot your culinary herbs,and what if i order can you deliver on my address!im a former ofw,but im now a person with disability!i live in ugong valenzuela city!i want to order ,pepperpint,dill,basil,coriander,parsley,rosemary,thyme,atleast 10culinary fresh herbs ina pot!

    • philippineobservers

      You need to send someone there to the market to buy.

    • philippineobservers

      We are writers and photographers, not vendors! so you could go and ask yourself the prices of the items you wish to purchase.

  20. donabelle

    open po ba ngaun ang store?

    • philippineobservers

      there are a lot of vendors in the markets, and they open as early as 7 am and close around 8pm

  21. tila garcia


    • philippineobservers

      thank you too for reading our articles

    • philippineobservers

      We are not Farmers Market..but your comments are posted on our website-blog so hopefully someone at Farmers Market will respond to you. We are writers and observers only! thanks for reading up on one of our articles

  22. gemyla

    ang gaganda ng orchids mag kano po ang banda ?

    • philippineobservers

      We are writers not sellers of any item

    • philippineobservers

      Why not visit the Farmers Gardens…we are not sellers or we don’t have contact with any particular vendor.

  23. philippineobservers

    Sorry we don’t have listings of suppliers in the farmers garden. We are writers and photographers not connected with the establishment

  24. philippineobservers

    We just write about our subjects. We neither sell or promote any suppliers or brands!

  25. Liza Beasca

    Is Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) available there?

    • philippineobservers

      We did not see any. Why not pay Farmers Garden a visit? We are just observing places, people and events on our blog, and not in the business of endorsing anything.

  26. marjhel

    Hi po! How much po sunflowers per pot? Thanky! 🙂

    • philippineobservers

      We are writers and photographers, and do not sell or trade in whatever we write about. Check out Farmers garden yourself to find your item!

  27. angel malong

    You guys know if we varieties of climbing roses in Philippines? Ones we can grow in trilles?

    • philippineobservers

      We are writers and photographers, and do not sell or trade in whatever we write about. Check out Farmers garden yourself to find your item!

  28. armando m. llopis


    Naghahanap po ako ng STEVIA seeds or seedlings. Meron po ba kayo diyan sa Farmers Garden?

    Thanks for your appropriate action. I’d highly appreciate if you could include your phone or CP contact number.

    • philippineobservers

      We are writers and photographers, and do not sell or trade in whatever we write about. Check out Farmers garden yourself to find your item!

  29. Cherryl lopez

    Hello, pwede malaman yung mga price ranges nang flower plants?

    • philippineobservers

      We do not engage in selling items. Go to see the plants you want to buy at your local garden store.

  30. Hi, do they sell flower seeds?

    • philippineobservers

      I did not observe any of the vendors selling seeds, but usually they sell more of the seedling plants.

  31. hi, do you sell holy basil?

    • philippineobservers

      We are writers and photographers, and do not sell or trade in whatever we write about. Check out Farmers garden yourself to find your item!

  32. Roxanne mendiola

    anyone selling pot marigold please do contact me 09390127115

    • philippineobservers

      We are writers and do not sell anything. Maybe go to see the plants at Farmers Garden and check out the prices


    is this area still available until now


    if open , sunday up to what open

  35. Rog

    meron po ba silang binebentang seedlings ng mga climbing roses? thank you po…

    • philippineobservers

      We are writers and do not sell anything. Maybe go to see the plants at Farmers Garden and check out the prices

  36. Mrs. Vicky

    Hello, do you sell any Costus Igneus otherwise known as insulin plant?

    • philippineobservers

      I have not seen any as of this writing, but you can check eliptical circle plant stores in Quezon City

    • philippineobservers

      We are writers and do not sell anything. Maybe go to see the plants at Farmers Garden and check out the prices

  37. ROdney Buenafe

    HI guys, do you sell coco peat / coco fiber ? TIA

    • philippineobservers

      don’t have any prices to share but try asking at your local plants and garden store

  38. Kenji

    How much are the cactus in retail price?

    • philippineobservers

      varies depending on the variety and type of plant–best to go personally to see what you like and how much your choice costs

    • philippineobservers

      We are writers so we don’t sell may want to check out prices on your own when you go to Farmers Gardens


    • philippineobservers

      Around P150 to P500 depending on the size

    • philippineobservers

      We are writers and do not sell anything. Perhaps you can check out prices if you go to Farmers Market Garden shops

  40. Pingback: Plantmama Heaven at Farmers Garden Cubao


    Where in Cubao?
    i want the exact address thank you!

    • philippineobservers

      Cubao is the exact address, on EDSA highway…just look for FARMERS GARDEN right in front of the marketplace

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